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Karpathos is a green Murano charm with white and brown flowers.

Karpathos is a Greek island in the Dodecanese. The island is close to Turkey. Karpathos is with its 282 km2 and approx. 5000 inhabitants one of the smaller islands in the Greek archipelago. The main town is called Pigádia.

You can sail to the island via Crete or Rhodes or fly from Athens.

This charm has a Sterling silver 925 core.

Melina collects the original Murano glass on the Murano islands and ships it to the workshop in Copenhagen. At the workshop, she uses the glass to create tiny Murano charm art. Every bead is handmade and unique.

Murano glass is made on the Murano islands. The Murano islands consist of 7 islands and are located about 1,5 km from Venice. Murano is known for its glass factory, which opened in the 1200-century. The production was moved from Venice because of fire hazards.