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Welcome to Beads Candy Shop! Please look around - there’s a universe filled with fantastic creations of extraordinary beauty

Elfbeads Halloween 2021

Take a Midnight ride to the Secret Garden, where the Pond waters glow in the dark, revealing Skeleton Seahorses and other mysterious creatures.

Elfbeads Halloween party begins!

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Moress Peekaboo Collection

October cheeky little ghosts and friends are here to make you smile. Happy Halloween!

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New Elfpetite Collection

Do you want to go on vacation? Tropical island, the magic of distant stars, forbidden fruit gardens - we have it all in the gorgeous Elfpetite Paradise!

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Aurora Exclusive Candy Fairy

Happy and playful she is attracted to beads and candies by nature. She guards beads and their owners and brings lots of joy to BCS customers. She is the one who makes sure no BCS orders are sent without candies.

Bring her home and your house will always be full of candies and beads. 


Welcome The Palace of Amber!

TPOA is a unique brand with a great variety of fine art products.

TPOA is known for its love for nature and outstanding work with beads of any shape and material - silver, glass, amber, pearls, stones - everything you will find here and admire forever.


Elfbeads Halloween Magic Deal Set

Elfbeads Halloween Magic Deal Set will be available on September 24 9:00 AM PDT.

It glows in the dark and magically catches the light during the day.

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Aurora Loco Amigo – Mexican Spirit Animal

In Mexico it is believed that every person has a Spirit Guide called an “Alebrije.”

Get this charm to remind you of your spirit animal. This cutie is based on the animal Axolotl and it will make you smile every time you will look at it!


Ogerbeads Spooktacular

Meet the most Spooktacular collection of all times!

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Redbalifrog Halloween 2021

Redbalifrog Halloween 2021 Collection release is scheduled for September 24 6AM PDT.


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Elfbeads Late Summer Breeze

The new Elfbeads collection is here to guide you from the summer into the fall.

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Shop Moress Ocean 2021

A little sunshine and blue hues to bring us back to our lovely summer beach trips. Explore Moress new ocean beads filled with new fun tricks.

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Meet Beca Bear - Exclusive BCS by Moress

Meet the cutest bear on the planet, the limited edition Beca Bear - Exclusive BCS by Moress.

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Elfbeads Catch a Falling Star

Beads Candy Shop Exclusive: Elfbeads Catch a Falling Star.

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Elfbeads Rose Cottage Heart

Beads Candy Shop Exclusive: Elfbeads Rose Cottage Heart.

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Design Gallery

Exclusive designs for your inspiration. Enjoy!

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