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Elfbeads Halloween Magic Deal Set

Elfbeads Halloween Magic Deal Set will be available on September 24 9:00 AM PDT.

It glows in the dark and magically catches the light during the day.

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Ogerbeads Spooktacular

Meet the most Spooktacular collection of all times!

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Redbalifrog Halloween 2021

Redbalifrog Halloween 2021 Collection release is scheduled for September 24 6AM PDT.


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Elfbeads Late Summer Breeze

The new Elfbeads collection is here to guide you from the summer into the fall.

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Shop Moress Ocean 2021

A little sunshine and blue hues to bring us back to our lovely summer beach trips. Explore Moress new ocean beads filled with new fun tricks.

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Meet Beca Bear - Exclusive BCS by Moress

Meet the cutest bear on the planet, the limited edition Beca Bear - Exclusive BCS by Moress.

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Welcome Spiritbeads Flower Tulip Kokeshi

Flower Tulip Kokeshi is the second Kokeshi out of 12 from the new Spiritbeads Kokeshi Flower Series. One will be released each month. Isn`t it exciting?

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Elfbeads Catch a Falling Star

Beads Candy Shop Exclusive: Elfbeads Catch a Falling Star.

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Elfbeads Rose Cottage Heart

Beads Candy Shop Exclusive: Elfbeads Rose Cottage Heart.

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Elfbeads-Buy 4 Get 1 Free Deal

Use the code BUY4GET1FREE at the checkout. Valid for any Elfbeads and Elfpetite products. Deal sets excluded.

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Design Gallery

Exclusive designs for your inspiration. Enjoy!

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