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Hello, I'm Mila and I welcome you to my shop!

Beads are my true passion. After being beads collector for many years I realized there’s so much more than just one brand on the market. I feel the urge to share with the world my vision of unique multi-branded bracelet designs and let you see the world of outstanding beauty through my eyes.

Here in my shop, I invite you to join me in designing and collecting. Together we will be reading this amazing book written by glass beads and meaningful silver charms. As the story unfolds you'll begin to write your own, very personal book of unique bracelet designs.

This site offers you only my favorite brands, and each bead here is a beautiful masterpiece I am honored to hold, design with and share with you. I want this site to be a conversation, a collaboration and if you ever have questions or would like me to put some beads together for you and see how they look together don’t hesitate to ask. If you are looking for the bead of brand I don’t have, please do let me know as I might find it for you.

I want to show you there’s no need to find a reason to spoil ourselves with something beautiful. And no reason to limit ourselves in candies when candies are made of glass or silver.

Beads make me happy. Every time I take my glass outside and look how the sun plays on it, I smile.

The most pleasant things for the human eye to land on are water surface, starry sky and fire. That is why looking at the glass is the best type of meditation, there you can find a universe of stars, oceans, explosion of colors, fires burning. And all that will bring your imagination to a places it has never been before.

Silver charms for me are another way to express my thoughts and mood. They speak for themselves and for me. And at the same time they have their own soul. Little works of art. Little creatures. They join the conversation of Glass Universe and together begin the most exciting journey you’ve ever experienced.

Are you ready? I am!

Mila Tatyanina